Biggest Sale of the Year

Our prices are going up and this is your last chance to get the best deal we’ve ever offered at Champions of the Web.

If you are thinking that your website isn’t performing like it should, this is the time to finally bring in the professionals. Your business deserves better than you messing around at midnight with some “builder” software. You need the touch of a digital marketer and our company will bring in the expertise you are missing.


The Last Ride of our
Legendary Website Skyfire Program!

10 years ago we turned website management on its head by offering an industry best “Any job for 30 minutes or less” plan. We nicknamed it the “Skyfire” program because we wanted to set the Internet ablaze with small businesses who were killing it in their industry.

Since that time, we have helped businesses make tens of millions of dollars in revenue through our websites. We have been there for every step of growth helping several companies evolve from working in their apartment to running large businesses with dozens of employees.

Most of our customers who joined us have stayed with us. Our unbelievably low churn rates are a testament to the success we bring our clients.

Now is your chance to join us for the last ride of this wildly successful program. After this we are retiring the Skyfire program forever and will be leaning in on our new Solopreneur, Non-Profit, and Small Business offerings.

Skyfire is the best of all three. And you would be insane to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Lets face it, if we all invested in Bitcoin or Tesla when it first hit the market we’d be retired right now. But now is the time to invest in yourself. You have the skills to turn your company into a money making powerhouse and we have the technology and strategies to help you do it.

Skyfire Works

When we first launched this program in 2011, your website was important to your online marketing strategy. Now in 2021 with the constantly shifting platform of the web, your website is more critical than ever. All roads should lead to you. And you are represented by your website.

A strong web presence begins at home, and we are here to help you do just that. From non-profits and religious organizations to small business, IT, service industry, and even government, our Skyfire program has proven again and again that we can help you meet your goals with a professional and well thought out website.

What is Included?

Dynamic, beautiful, and lead oriented websites

No need to build it yourself. Our professional design and marketing staff will put your WordPress website together for you using the latest web technology and standards.

We will write up to 15 pages of content on your behalf.

Web Hosting Included

Powerful and Private hosting to make sure your website shows up fast.

Our team utilizes several hosting providers and CDNs to make your site rocket speed.

Website Security

Your website’s security matters. We provide a complete security solution to protect against malicious hacking attempts. We block hundreds of thousands of attempts per month. Between backups, protection, private hosting, and our team of experts we are able to prevent most malicious use of your websites. And should anything get through we will fix it. Period.

Full Email Marketing Solution

Stop wasting money on email marketing solutions. Send up to 100,000 emails / month to 50,000 contacts with our email marketing solution included with your subscription. Use our beautiful email editor right in your website dashboard to build gorgeous email newsletters and email automation campaigns.

Use popups / landing pages / and opt-ins to collect leads from throughout your website.

Website Concierge Solutions

Implement AI directly into your website. Our team will help you custom craft a bot that will greet and guide visitors to your website to the solutions they are looking for. This bot is interactive, smart, and capable of almost anything a human could do.

Have your website ready 24 hours / day, 365 days per year to greet visitors and work like the front-desk to your office.

Plus, take over through a simple app on your phone and chat directly with visitors anytime you desire.


Use a complete live chat solution that integrates with Facebook Messenger OR Telegram. Connect directly with website visitors as they hit your site through the apps your already use now.

Accept conversations on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop at any time you choose.

Run A Podcast

Professional Audio Mastering for podcast files. Get that warm radio sound on audio you record.

Need a system setup to coordinate recording with multiple hosts? Our team can help with that as well!

Hosting included for up to 1TB of downloads / month.

Complete Social Media System

Social media calendar scheduling, post to Instagram, Facebook Page/Group, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Manage Google Business, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads from one unified dashboard.

Pinterest and Youtube coming soon.

Embed all your social media channels directly on your website with beautiful widgets that encourage engagement.

Meeting Scheduling

Allow visitors to schedule meetings right on your website. Sync up with your calendar solution so you can control availability for your agents and give site visitors the knowledge that they are scheduling a real event with a real person directly through your site.

Run Viral Social Contests

Use the power of viral social media contests to build your list, increase market awareness, and gain customers.

Complete ECommerce Solutions

Accept donations (one-time or recurring), sell products, sell services, and/or create membership websites.

We will get you on the correct platform to handle the transfer of money to your company. We work best with Stripe and Paypal, but can also coordinate with other payment gateways (depending on the gateway).

Stop making money difficult and let your technology work for you.

Monthly Blog Post Ideas

Using the power of AI, we will send you a list of blog post ideas every single month. Use those to reach into the minds of your clients and break through the blank page.

Want us to write it for you? We can do that too for a nominal fee!

Any Edit That Takes 30 Minutes Or Less

Our team is at your disposal. We will help you make edits to your site so you can focus on the important things.

No Is Not
In Our Vocabulary

Clients are often shocked by what our team is willing to do for their website with our 30 minutes or less service offering.

We build powerful dynamic websites that run fast and secure. But most importantly, they are very easy for us to update and maintain for your company.

You will be surprised by what our team is capable of performing in that time window. Almost everything outside of full site reworks or development projects fits. This includes things like:

  • Site updates

  • Setup a Mass Mail Campaign

  • Fixing broken plugins

  • Writing a headline for you

  • Adding content

  • Design PDF documents, business cards, and/or logos for your company.

  • Event / Information Marketing Packs (Design, Headline)

  • Consulting on web technology

  • Fixing Design or content issues

  • Helping with content layout

  • Integrating with some of your favorite services (assuming they offer a Javascript applet)

  • Stand up a live webinar event on your website. Embed streams from Facebook, Youtube, or other live stream sources.

See Some Of Our Work

Limited Space and Time Remaining!

This sale ends this month and we only have 60 seats available. After that it is all over.

While the Skyfire program is being retired completely after this sale, the retail price for this service would be $6,500 for the site build and $697 / month after that.

For the next four weeks we are going to be offering this service at a very special price:

Skyfire Website Program

$697 $297/ Month

$6,750 $0 Up Front Cost

  • Website Rebuild
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Concierge /
    Live Chat
  • Podcasting
  • Social Media
    Scheduling Calendar
    and Analytics
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Viral Social Contests
  • Ecommerce
  • Monthly Blog Post

What are you waiting for?

This is too good to pass up and is the last time we’re going to see it available at this price for quite some time…. If ever!

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