“What is a Digital Storefront and Why Should I Care?”

Your website might be leaving a bad first impression. This post is the reason why you probably don’t get a lot of business through your website.

New Portfolio Video For 2019

After 3 long years the wait is finally over. We have updated our portfolio video! I know you were sitting on the edge of your chair just waiting for this moment!

New Site Launch: ACE IT Solutions

Located directly in the Big Apple, ACE IT Solutions offers IT Support in NYC, NJ, Florida, and California. This site was all about sharp angles, smart headlines, and filtering the most important content to the top. The original website had a ton of information on it ranging across all the fields that ACE ITS could…

New Site Launch: Vitalita Organics — Wedding Venue Designer

Lisa has been a long time client of Champions of the Web. Recently, we did a rebuild of her (already beautiful) website to incorporate a new theme to her business. Wedding Venue Design is all about creating beautiful locations for people to “tie the knot” and create timeless memories together. Lisa helps wedding Venues to…

Son of David Messianic Jewish Website

New Site Launch: Son of David Congregation – Messianic Jewish Website

With its smoky sandstone flavors and just a touch of techno, is a Messianic Jewish website that turns heads. This site was built to set the standard for web development in the niche of Messianic Judaism. It is a beautiful website but more importantly: it is a functional website. When it comes to sharing the…

New Site Launch: NV Service Group – Lawn Mowing, Gutter Cleaning, and Snow Removal Website

NV Service Group is the premiere property maintenance company in the Northern Virginia area. They offer three primary services and their website has been hand-crafted around each of these three offerings. Gutter Cleaning, Lawn Mowing, and Snow Removal. Their tagline really shows throughout their beautiful website with the phrase “Season to Season we give you…