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Be there when your ideal clients are searching

Your clients turn to one place when they want to hire a company like yours. That place is Google. Want a good roofer? Google. Want a real estate agent for New York City? Google. Want Pizza? Google. There are literally millions of devices out in the wild that have “Google” listed right on the front of the device. It beckons them to search.

And when they do finally go looking for a website just like yours, what will they find? Will you show up when they go looking for you?

Champions SEO

Champions of the Web have been working with SEO and search engines for almost two decades now. Our team has been building websites and getting visitors from Google since the early 2000s. Our SEO service covers all the basics when it comes to getting results from your search engine strategy.

we will:

Identify what customers are searching for online.

Create a plan of what key phrases to target based on client search volume and keyword difficulty.

Do a complete site audit and draft a plan of attack to target things real people are searching for.

Help flesh out your Google Business profile (for local searches, if needed).

Create content for your website to attract buyers and look tantalizing to search engines.

Perform on-site SEO optimizations (all the trimmings such as Robots.txt, sitemap, and schema optimization).

Perform off-site SEO with link building strategies to become a heavy hitter.

Get Entrance To The Nightclub

Getting ranked in the search engines is much like getting into a trendy nightclub. Only the cool people get inside, and you’re only cool if someone else who is already cool says you are cool.

That’s a lotta cool.

But how do you get someone who is cool to say that you are?

There are many ways to accomplish this task. You can pay someone who is cool to invite you with them. You can do some genuinely cool things and hope someone takes notice. You can try to deliver some value to cool people and then hope they remember you when they go into the club. Or you can just stand outside and look pitiful and hope someone cool takes notice.

When it comes to SEO, most people opt for the last option. They do nothing and hope that somehow they end up in the club.

But you’re here because you want in the club.

And you’re ready to do something about it.


How it Works?

SEO is an important piece of an overarching business strategy to attract people to your website. This falls hand-in-hand with great customer service, powerful sales copy, and a strong sales funnel. If your site and company are built to give people a fantastic experience, then SEO will help you to start bringing those leads in.

The process starts with an audit of your website. We identify technical issues and correct those. Then we generate a plan for your website. Every page on your site will have a purpose. Because every page on your site is another ticket into the search engine machine.

We combine this with a content strategy to give your site a vibrance that attracts search engines to it. Google loves fresh content. And if the content is good, then your visitors will love it too.

But this is just the start. The real work begins when we start getting off your website and on to the web.

We utilize a combination of software, network connections, and content to build a platform for your website and get you noticed on the web. This process helps you to tackle key phrases that you would otherwise not have the power to tackle on your own – even if you had perfect on-site optimization.

The bottom line? You start to gain visibility for key words and phrases that your customers are searching for. Once you have this visibility it is then only a matter of converting website visitors into buyers.

Who does this work best for?

SEO is a unique service in that it works well for some industries and not so well for others. This is because of the nature of how people operate. You could have the best rankings in the world, but if your customer never checks a search engine to find you, then you’re going to get zero leads.

In the same vein, it could be that the best leads may not come from search engine’s either.

So how can you know? Some of this involves an understanding of your industry and how your clients operate. But there are factors that can be tracked. Some industries that SEO excels at:

Real Estate Agencies
Nedical Industry

Dentists, Doctors, Specialists

Home Services

Lawn mowing, Gutter Cleaning, Landscaping, roof repair/roofers, Class A Contractors, etc

Product Ecommerce

Stores that sell products

Knowledge Ecommerce

Stores that sell information and classes

There are other industries as well so don’t hesitate to ask. We offer a free consultation below where you could speak with an expert who will help you get an idea of what your market may be doing and if SEO is the right marketing channel for you.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Adam Erlich

Chief Operating Officer | Europe Limousine Service

From the moment Champions of the Web began to curate our website I knew we made the right decision.  Their proactive approach to web building including taking the best of what we wanted and molding it together with there expertise in keyword analytics and design created website magic.  We are on the verge of launching our new website and making that vision reality In what was very short order.  Champions of the Web has created the best site in our industry and will make sure it stays that way for years to come.

Cherise Ryan

Director of Graphics, Web & Writing | Ryan Family Marketing Group

Champions of the Web was a fantastic help in finding website competition for a Search Engine Optimization project! They took a website and give us a clear view of the landscape online. By the end of our call, we knew who we were competing against (and it wasn’t who we thought), and what we needed to do to improve our site’s rankings in the coming months. We’ll definitely be using Champions of the Web again!

Erik Spear

Strategic MSP Partner & Advisor | Bowman Williams

Champions of the Web took our marketing campaign and boosted it. Every request we had for our website was met with ideas of how it could be improved and then executed exactly how we wanted it. They really know their stuff when it comes to marketing online and that is only matched by their technical skills.

Tito Martinez

Director of IT | ARGO Residential

Champions of the Web took a stalled out website development project and helped us to bridge the gap between several complex APIs. Our website now lives at the core of our marketing efforts tying together real estate services from a variety of companies. The staff at Champions of the Web always did a great job of breaking down the complex web technology involved into simple to understand explanations. This allowed us here at ARGO to make marketing decisions that had a positive impact on our company. Now instead of fighting with website development we are able to focus on other projects because we know we’re in good hands with Champions of the Web.

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