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Does your website load at the speed of government?

Do you have no ability to make changes to your own website or is it just too time consuming?

Were you hacked and need help repairing your website’s reputation?

Does your website go down three times a month for hours at a time?

Did your web designer leave you in a lurch?

Introducing "Champions Webmaster"

Your website doesn’t have to be difficult to manage. Now, with Champions Webmaster, you “have a guy for that”.

Our webmaster program is a monthly program that covers everything most companies need from their website. We have staff on hand to help with everyday website updates, and our monthly routines keep your website healthy and happy (and hacker free).

You can utilize our web hosting platform, or stick with the hosting of your choice.

We also have a built in mail solution for Plus subscribers. Replace your email broadcast solution and send mail broadcasts directly from your website dashboard.

At the end of the day you can rest easy knowing that there is someone on staff to make your website work the way you need it to.


No Is Not
In Our Vocabulary

Clients are often shocked by what our team is willing to do for their website. As part of our maintenance contract we will perform any task on your website that takes our team 30 minutes or less to implement.

But you will be surprised by what our team is capable of performing in that time window. Almost everything outside of full site reworks or development projects fits. This includes things like:

  • Site updates

  • Complete Mass Mail Solution

  • Fixing broken plugins

  • Writing a short headline for you

  • Adding content

  • Event / Information Marketing Packs (Design, Headline)

  • Consulting on web technology

  • Fixing Design or content issues

  • Helping with content layout

  • Integrating with some of your favorite services (assuming they offer a Javascript applet)

We’re also on call for hosting, update, and hacking issues. Should your site experience downtime for some reason our champions are on the case to get you back up and running as fast as possible.

With regular backups we’ll be able to restore your website should anything malicious happen to it.


See What Our Clients Are Saying

Adam Erlich

Chief Operating Officer | Europe Limousine Service

From the moment Champions of the Web began to curate our website I knew we made the right decision.  Their proactive approach to web building including taking the best of what we wanted and molding it together with there expertise in keyword analytics and design created website magic.  We are on the verge of launching our new website and making that vision reality In what was very short order.  Champions of the Web has created the best site in our industry and will make sure it stays that way for years to come.

Cherise Ryan

Director of Graphics, Web & Writing | Ryan Family Marketing Group

Champions of the Web was a fantastic help in finding website competition for a Search Engine Optimization project! They took a website and give us a clear view of the landscape online. By the end of our call, we knew who we were competing against (and it wasn’t who we thought), and what we needed to do to improve our site’s rankings in the coming months. We’ll definitely be using Champions of the Web again!

Erik Spear

Strategic MSP Partner & Advisor | Bowman Williams

Champions of the Web took our marketing campaign and boosted it. Every request we had for our website was met with ideas of how it could be improved and then executed exactly how we wanted it. They really know their stuff when it comes to marketing online and that is only matched by their technical skills.

Tito Martinez

Director of IT | ARGO Residential

Champions of the Web took a stalled out website development project and helped us to bridge the gap between several complex APIs. Our website now lives at the core of our marketing efforts tying together real estate services from a variety of companies. The staff at Champions of the Web always did a great job of breaking down the complex web technology involved into simple to understand explanations. This allowed us here at ARGO to make marketing decisions that had a positive impact on our company. Now instead of fighting with website development we are able to focus on other projects because we know we’re in good hands with Champions of the Web.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Plans

Webmaster Pro


Regular site backups and off-site storage.

Regular site updates to protect against hackers.

Site breakage protection*

Site security and hacking prevention.

Unlimited changes/updates of 30 minutes or less.

Access to our team via email and scheduled calls.

Webmaster Plus


Everything in Webmaster Pro PLUS:

Website ADA compliance auditing and work.

Website SEO technical factors audit and automation.

Complete Website Email Solution

Design Packs To Help With Marketing Events, Ebooks, etc.

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