Unlimited Website Work for a Flat Monthly Fee

Champions of the Web is a unique marketing, design, and development firm that focuses on the long term relationships allowing us to partner with you to grow your company and bring you more business. It feels like you are hiring in-house staff to take care of all those technical and strategy issues you are struggling with.

When you win, we win.

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Our Services

The "stack" of services starts from the very basic and gets more and more complex depending on how much interaction you want our team to get involved with your business. See what we offer below.

Website Maintenance + Hosting


Our team will manage your website on your behalf. All those technical things like "hosting", "domain names", "dns", "servers", and other stuff will seemingly fade away as our team takes over the management, hosting, backups, and maintenance of your website.

Unlimited Website Work

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We'll build you a professional website on WordPress. Setup sales funnels. Setup tracking and integrations with third party services. Host, manage, update, protect, and backup the site.

And we'll do any updates that take 30 minutes or less!

Content Creation and Curation


We will help you identify your audience, craft a content calendar that responds to the questions your prospects are asking, and then write blog posts, social media posts, create videos, and other content for your marketing channels all on a monthly basis.

We will also make short updates and textual changes to your website on your behalf as part of this program.

Search Engine Marketing

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We will do all the keyword research, do all the on-site SEO work, and collaborate with any paid online advertising you are doing. Track your visitors, establish trends, and improve your visitors to bring the people you want to hear from to your website.

The Total Package


Want it all? This is the program for you. You'll feel like you're hiring a complete marketing department for your company. We will craft a complete marketing strategy for your company and then do all the content, website work, social media and SEO marketing, and more to ensure that your company is successful. This is the total package.

We're pretty easy to work with. We want to take ownership of your website and marketing plan to put it to use in your organization.

We Do Marketing The Right Way

Fast And Reliable

Our Team communicates regularly. All site changes are completed within 1 business day unless communicated otherwise. Please read our SLA if you are curious about how we respond to requests.

Easy Communication

We communicate via our helpdesk and live chat. All requests and tracked and reviewed to make sure you get the best experience from our team.

We make sure we have your website plan handy at all times when working on your website so we are building the site to the standards you need.

Simple Predictable Pricing

All of our services are month to month, offer clear terms, can be canceled at any time, and won't charge extra unless you agree. We believe in predictable and easy to understand pricing, and soon you will too!

Only the Best Team Members

We hand select all of our coders, designers, writers, and digital marketers. We understand that skills can be learned but attitude is everything. We strive to be the heros that you need to get the results that you deserve.

Unique Designs and Content, No Copy-cats Here!

We don't use templates. All of our websites are made to order. We employ some of the best design talent available combined with awesome technology to build you a website that converts visitors into clients.

The same goes for all of our content. We want to make a difference in the world and all our content is written with that in mind. We make YOU the hero by giving you the content you need to make a difference in your world.

Ready to get some visitors and income for yourself? Lets get started...


Digital Storefront

Turn your plain website into a living breathing Digital Storefront that grows your business.

Plan Includes: 

Website Hosting

Full Site Design

Website Maintenance

Unlimited Changes that take 30 minutes or less.

SEO Competitive Analysis Reports

Advanced Analytics for Tracking and Improving Site Performance.

1 Order at a Time

1 Business Day Turnaround (read our SLA)


/ month

Got Questions? Check our FAQ

Many years ago we started hosting all our own websites. We noticed that many of our client's websites were getting hacked and it didn't seem to be coming in through the site itself, but through the server the site was hosted on.

What would happen is some other client on the web server would get hacked and then in turn the whole server would become hacked.

This was causing a lot of trouble for our clients so we decided it would be best to stand up a dedicated hosting environment for our clients where we had total control over our client's websites.

We have partnered with cloud hosting providers Linode, Digital Ocean, and Amazon to provide a unique hosting environment for our clients. We manage our own servers and offer some of the best hosting available without you buying your own dedicated server.

While you do not need to migrate your website to our hosting to take advantage of our service, it is one of the services we offer to further secure you from outside threats and improve the speed and reliability of your website. More control for us means we can give you more information when something goes wrong.

Site maintenance is a combination of three primary items:

  1. Security Management.
  2. Software Security and Feature Updates.
  3. Backup Management.

This trifecta of services comprise our maintenance contract.


We harden your website against malicious highjacking attempts and do everything within our power to block the bad guys from breaking in and causing havoc. We use a combination of IP blacklists and behavior identification to find threats and block them from your website.

We also offer 2 factor authentication for WordPress which secures your website against highjacking attempts.


As part of our maintenance agreement we manage updates to your WordPress based website. Updates are generally fairly pain-free with WordPress. But when things go wrong, they can go really wrong.

The biggest threat to websites, however, is when they do not update for long periods of time. We stick with updates and do our best to mitigate any issues that arise from keeping your site up to date. This provides the best balance of security and reliability with your website.


We do off-site backups for all of our client websites. Sites hosted with us are backed up daily. We keep 7 daily backups, 4 weekly backups, and 6 monthly backups. This ensures that your website is safe no matter what happens. 

Should "fit hit the shan" then we will be able to rewind and restore missing data where required.

All backups are stored off-site on Amazon servers for max protection.

Our team tries to provide as unlimited of a service as possible. The premise being that we offer as much support as we possibly can. In order to prevent abuse of the system tasks are taken sequentially. So if 10 tasks are submitted they will be handled sequentially in the order they are received. According to our SLA, we will respond to tasks within 1 business day, so 10 tasks submitted could take as much as 10 days to complete.

While we strive to give our best in all situations, we also are forced to live in reality, so occasionally we may have to fall back on this stipulation to make sure we have enough resources available for all of our clients.

In day-to-day practice we are often able to exceed this expectation but we still encourage you not to rely on this possibility.

Contact us for samples. Or read our blog!

We'll do you one better. Reach out and we'll give you 15 ideas completely free of charge!

All of our contracts are billed month to month. Whenever we do a site redesign project with you all of our work remains in our ownership for 1 full year (365 days) from the date we finish the project. 

So if we build you a new site, then you will have to pay for the monthly service for one year in order to keep any changes that were made.

If you decide to cancel then you can either pre-pay the remaining balance on the account, or you can choose to forfeit the work we did and return to the site you were using before you contracted our services.

We sincerely hope that you will find no reason to leave, but if you do so within the first year after a site redesign, then these will be the terms you will see.

You can cancel at any time, however! There is no obligation to continue to use our services at any time.

We try to make our service as all-inclusive as possible. However, there can be additional charges for services not under our control. Sometimes your site might require a special third party service or plugin not included in our core set of plugins. We will communicate this need to you on a case-by-case basis.

There are also charges related to using web services in addition to our own service. Many of our clients also contract additional services like Social Media Marketing which are unrelated to our offering and will be an additional charge.

Our services do not include any development for your site or design not specifically for use on your website. We offer development services on a case-by-case basis and will communicate the need should it arise.

In many cases, though, there are no additional costs and the flat rate spent on our monthly service is enough to fill all the online marketing needs for your organization.

We rely heavily on several professionally developed software packages to try to meet the needs of as wide a range as possible from our clients. However, there are still situations that can arise where there is no "pro plugin" that will do the trick. In these instances we will often propose a development project to make that dream a reality.

Should we run into one of these situations then we will alert you to the case, propose a solution and associated cost and time, and allow you to choose to move forward on the project.

Our development team works exclusively with Champions of the Web clients. We will not do development work for non-clients. We also take projects on a case-by-case basis and make no guarantees that we will be able to do a development project you are considering for your website.