New Site Launch: NV Service Group – Lawn Mowing, Gutter Cleaning, and Snow Removal Website

NV Service Group is the premiere property maintenance company in the Northern Virginia area. They offer three primary services and their website has been hand-crafted around each of these three offerings. Gutter Cleaning, Lawn Mowing, and Snow Removal. Their tagline really shows throughout their beautiful website with the phrase “Season to Season we give you a reason to use NV Service Group.”

The entire site changes automatically with the turn of the seasons. In the spring flowers are in bloom and everything turns green. In the summer, the site is bright and colorful. Orange overtakes the site in the fall as the leaves turn color and fall from the trees, and in Winter the site is blue and white. This cute, professional, and seasonal approach gives a comfortable feeling to the site that speaks directly to the current needs of site visitors.

gutter cleaning quote form

The deceptively simple gutter cleaning proposal request form.

But the design is the least of the site. Under the deceptively simple exterior lies a power client acquisition and proposal system. Each service offered by NV Service Group is a simple landing page that collects the least amount of information in order for NV Service Group to deliver a quote. Proposals are generated straight through the website and emailed to prospective customers. If the customer likes the proposal they can choose options and sign direct through the website. A PDF copy is generated and emailed to NV Service Group and the Customer for their records.

signed proposal

PDF Proposals convert the signature into a beautiful script along with the date. The client IP is recorded and embedded into the signed agreement.

The site also features a payment form that allows clients to put in their details and make one-time payments or register for auto-pay.

Everything about has been engineered to simplify the business processes of the company and improve the customer experience. NV Service Group is second to none when it comes to customer experience in the Northern Virginia area thanks to their powerful website (and of course their friendly and professional staff!)

We’re excited to bring these features to the company and to continue to improve and adapt as we move forward into the future of lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, and snow removal website technology.