New Site Launch: Son of David Congregation – Messianic Jewish Website

Son of David Messianic Jewish Website

With its smoky sandstone flavors and just a touch of techno, is a Messianic Jewish website that turns heads. This site was built to set the standard for web development in the niche of Messianic Judaism. It is a beautiful website but more importantly: it is a functional website.

When it comes to sharing the word of God, visibility is key and this website shouts its presence from the roof-tops. It is highly SEO friendly. Comes with an XML sitemap, all pages are SEOed, and the potential to add buckets of content in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Son of David Early Podcast Numbers

This is an early statistic from the podcast in its first week of availability.

It also comes with a Podcast built in. While the sermons have always been posted to the website, this new iteration of the SODC site has some major changes under the hood to make the site compatible with iTunes and Google Play Music to make the sermons available as a podcast. Users can subscribe to the podcast and get the latest Message delivered straight to their phones.

This is about expanding the reach of the message beyond the four walls of the Son of David building.

Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications are simple to subscribe and unsubscribe from the small button that hovers in the lower right of the site.

SODC’s website also comes with Mailchimp and OneSignal integration to deliver email and mobile notifications direct from the website. Users can get the latest news from the website and subscribing is easy!

Finally, to top things off, we built in Paypal and Stripe integration. While the ultimate goal is to include an actual store, for right now smaller purchases have been made available such as custom registration forms for events and a state-of-the-art donation form that leads people through the process of making one-time or subscription donations.

This is a website that works for the congregation to increase their visibility in the world, but also to improve the experience of working with the congregation. Welcome to the future, SODC. We’re excited we could serve you!