Secure Password Submission

Use the form here to submit a password to our team in a secure and encrypted manner

Secure Password Submission super designer 3Champions of the web takes security seriously. This form allows you to submit secure passwords to our team without them being sent in plain text across the Internet. While email can be generally safe, no one knows who could be watching emails as they are transported across the web. By using this form your information will be encrypted from the moment it leaves your computer. It is then stored in a secure format for us to retrieve. We execute tight control over who can view this information.

Once we download the username / password from the form it is then removed from our servers completely and stored in a password vault where it can only be accessed by approved Champions of the Web employees.

If you have any questions you can let us know by contacting us. We are happy to answer any questions about this process.

  • Enter the website where we can login -- if there is one.
  • Just choose the thing closest to what you believe this is. If you don't know you can simple select "other". Chances are you're here because we already know to expect this form submitted and will be able to guess what it is for.