Skyfire Maintenance Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Last Updated 1/08/2017 10:34am ET

This document outlines the service level agreement between GoKolansky LLC and our Skyfire WordPress Maintenance customers for the response time to critical and non-critical issues relating to the hosting, functioning, and maintenance of their web assets under the care of GoKolansky LLC.

The definition of assets under the care of GoKolansky LLC will be predetermined under the proposal agreement with the client and/or at the sole discretion of GoKolansky LLC.

This document is provided as a courtesy to GoKolansky LLC clients and is subject to change at any time. GoKolansky LLC strives to maintain the following service levels or better but cannot be held liable for missed service targets for any reason.

If clients are unhappy with the service provided by GoKolansky LLC for any reason they can refer to cancellation documentation outlined in their service proposal agreement they signed when they began their relationship with GoKolansky LLC.

Working Hours

Standard Hours

GoKolansky LLC has official support hours of operation from 10am until 5pm ET Monday to Friday excluding major US holidays. Support is prioritized during this time.

Priority Support Hours

Available on a limited basis, priority support hours are made available to specific clients with additional support needs for an additional fee. GoKolansky LLC has official priority support hours of operation from 8am until 6pm ET Monday to Friday excluding major US holidays. Support is prioritized during this time.

Support Methods

Support is prioritized for Email Support. GoKolansky LLC has a ticketing system available that allows us to prioritize support requests to make sure that critical requests are handled first and all other requests are handled according to the timelines outlined in this document.

Phone support can be provided on a limited basis for pre-scheduled phone calls. Phone support is not guaranteed for unscheduled phone calls.

If a phone call goes to voicemail, please leave a detailed message about the nature of your request. All messages are transcribed and sent to our email support desk for review. We will respond to messages according to the timelines outlined in this document.

Definition of Support Requests

Support requests are divided into five tiers of priority:

Critical Support Requests

These requests are related to issues that require immediate attention. Server outages, website downtime, security breaches, and other business stopping events are put into this category. GoKolansky LLC reserves the right to determine if a request is considered critical.

Critical support requests are always handled before any other support requests.

Priority Support Requests

Priority support requests are an internal division of support requests reserved for VIP members of our service. These requests are handled before other support requests, though, are secondary to critical support requests.

Standard Support Requests

Site changes, new features, text changes, images, and other standard requests are related to the regular updates required for a dynamic website. These change requests are important and handled as rapidly as possible.

Maintenance Related Support

WordPress updates, plugin updates, theme updates, and new features from GoKolansky LLC are considered maintenance related support. These support requests are generated internally and are handled on a regular monthly schedule to ensure the maximum site uptime to security and features ratio.

Special Requests

Custom Development, major site overhauls, and other requests that require more than our standard support request time are setup as stand-alone jobs and will be assigned their own timeline and billing schedule.

Billing Related Support

Invoice issues, refund requests, and late payment notifications are considered billing related support. Billing and billing related support are handled at the beginning of each month. Billing errors and refund requests are automatically escalated to standard support requests.

Time Table For Support Requests

During Business Hours:

  • We respond to all Critical requests within one hour. A timeline to resolution will be provided as it becomes available. We aim to close all critical business requests within the one hour window depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Priority Requests are handled same day.
  • Standard requests are handled by next business day, or sooner if possible.
  • Maintenance related support is provided on a monthly rotation. If you have special restrictions on when maintenance is performed on your website, then you must communicate these restrictions. Otherwise maintenance support is scheduled and handled internally at GoKolansky LLC. Most maintenance will be seamless to the end-user of websites under the Skyfire Maintenance Program. If we expect an outage of longer than a few minutes we will communicate this beforehand, if possible. Emergency maintenance related to known exploited security issues or similar situations is scheduled as soon as possible — we may or may not be able to communicate this maintenance before it is in progress, but will outline it in regular communication from GoKolansky LLC.
  • Special Requests are responded to within one business day. An outline of work and timeline will be discussed for each request.
  • Billing communications are often queued and dealt with on a monthly basis (with the one exception of billing errors or refund requests which are handled as standard requests).

After Hours Support:

Any requests submitted after closing are considered submitted the next business day.

We cannot guarantee time-frames for any requests, but handle critical business requests on a best-effort basis to resolve them as soon as possible during after-hours.

Limited Support Hours Notification

Occasionally situations will arise that may impede normal business operations. During these times advanced notice will be issued for limited support hours. Support requests will be handled on a best effort basis during these times with high priority put to critical business requests. GoKolansky LLC will communicate these situations (most likely by email broadcast) as far in advance as possible.