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Keyword Analysis

Since the dawn of the internet, Keywords have been critical to online marketing. These days search engines like Google are pretty smart about categorizing your website so it shows up for what people are search for. However, that doesn't give you a license to sit on your laurels and just publish whatever you want to your website. Knowing what people are searching for online and what are "good" key words or phrases people are commonly typing into the search engines will give you information you can use to craft content and adverts on your website.

This is also the first step in identifying subjects to write about, who your competitors are, and if your website is actually being categorized correctly by the search engines.

Below, you will find a list of key phrases. These phrases are picked for your company based on popularity in the search engines cross referenced with difficulty of ranking for those phrases. The information is available to you to use anyway you like.

In an ideal world, you have a page on your website for each key phrase you want to show up for in Google. This method works really well with Google.

Your Results

Next Steps: Keyword Research

These keywords will bring traffic in to your website. Want to take your SEO to the next level? We have a full fledged SEO program which will bring in the manpower to adjust your website and make it more SEO friendly.


Competition Analysis

Very often companies have no idea who they are competing with in the online market. Even if you compete locally and aren't targeting a worldwide audience, it is easy to miss competitors. If you know who your competition is, then you have a leg up on 90% of the industry.

Based on the keyword research above, we do a competitive analysis to determine who is showing up the most for the phrases people are searching for. These competitors are then displayed below.

Analyzing competition gives you ideas and insights in ways to tackle your market and better understand your customers. Use this list for inspiration of ways you can improve your company in the new year.

Your Results

Next Steps

The proper use of a competitive analysis isn't super straight forward. If your website looks dated and untargeted compared to your competitors it will be difficult to woo new and returning customers. In today's market, your website has to have a strong message with strong branding to stand out from the crowd.


Content Topic Ideas


What do you blog about? Writing company articles, whitepapers, blog articles, tweets, updates, and press releases can be exhausting. But most companies fail before they even get started.

Blank page syndrome is real.

Based on our research above we have put together a list of topics for you. This is based on programmatic research through a variety of sources. But the bottom line is that this list is generated from what people are searching for online. These might not all be big-ticket winning articles, but if you start writing content based on these articles you will definitely start attracting more people to your website.

So get over the hump of the blank page and start putting together some awesome content.

Your Content Topic Ideas

Next Steps

So now that you have a list of topics. What is next? Well, there is just one thing to do. Either you write some blog posts, or we do. Interested in having content written for your website?


SEO Compliance Analysis

There is a technical and a sociological side to SEO. Many people spend a lot of time on subjects like keyword research, competitive analysis, and then completely bomb the technical aspects of SEO. This simple report will let you know if you have all the basics of SEO working on your website. We will be looking for things like a sitemap, robots.txt file, good title and meta tags, schema tags, etc.

Your SEO Analysis Results

Next Steps

So whats next? Everything described in this section of the report is included standard with all of our website maintenance plans.

Want to supercharge your website's presence in the search engines?


ADA Compliance Analysis

Website disability compliance is more important now than it has ever been in the past. Not only is it a good idea to make your website accessible to disabled visitors, but now there are laws being exploited to open lawsuits against unknowing or underprepared company websites.

Starting to really gain traction in 2019, lawyers have been going after business websites for quick paydays. This is basically the online version of an ambulance chaser. ADA violations are not difficult to avoid, but many websites don't have accessibility in mind when the website is built. Lawyers know this now, and have been targeting companies. Many of these lawsuits are settled out of court for around $50,000.

The audit we have done here is not complete, but it will give you an indication if your website is guilty of the most obvious ADA violations. These are things Lawyers use software to scan the web for to identify targets for their next lawsuit.

The results of the audit on your website.

Next Steps

So what can be done? If you fail any single category in this audit, then you need to have a web developer begin correcting the issues on your website immediately. According to the law there is no excuse for your website not being ADA compliant and if a malicious party were to find out about these violations you could find yourself on the (very expensive) losing side of a lawsuit.


Website Business Continuity and Threat Analysis

This audit probes your website for obvious security flaws. While we cannot tell backup processes without access to the site directly, we will review the overall business continuity plan. See the results of this review below.

Your Business Continuity Plan Results


Next Steps

Don't have a plan in place? If we can detect vulnerabilities with a casual scan imagine what someone who is motivated to break in to your website is doing?

Websites are hacked all the time and without a process to review, identify, correct, and close vulnerabilities you could find yourself dead in the water for weeks or months at a time. This has been enough to close businesses permanently.

All of this is managed with our standard web maintenance program.