Introducing An Interactive Wedding Experience

2020 has been a weird year for all of us. So much death, sadness, financial stress, and social issues blowing up like a powder keg. During all this mess I've been working on creating something truly special and heart warming.

But I need your help!

Starting this summer in 2020 I'm launching a live stream service for weddings, but I need some sample footage, so I'm volunteering you, my friends! (exciting, isn't it? hahaha!) We're going to help couples who have had to cancel or postpone their wedding to hold an online interactive wedding experience so they can connect with their friends and family like it was a live in-person event.

Part of that experience is allowing "wedding guests" to share some words of encouragement, fun stories, share a moment dancing like they were at the real wedding, and cheer for the newly wed couple.

Since I'm trying to put together a demo for this program, Kristin and I are going to punch reset on our wedding reception and try something fun together - this should be fun for you and it will be awesome for us! While Kristin and I are coming up on 14 years of marriage, your messages and dances will be put to use in two great ways.

  1. You'll be helping couples who are hurting from the "year that canceled their wedding." I'll be able to show them an alternative way to celebrate and get hitched!
  2. I allegedly have an anniversary coming up in a few weeks and it will be an awesome gift for Kristin. (Hey, help a guy out here, please?)

I need between 5 and 10 minutes of your time, thats all. It would be a great gift to me, Kristin, and all those we'll be able to reach with this exciting project!

If you aren't comfortable entering video for any of these sections below feel free to only do one or two if you prefer. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!

-Dan Kolansky

Contribute to our Virtual Reception

  • This video is to celebrate Kristin and Dan's marriage. (Imagine we're newly weds haha).

    Tell a story about something heartwarming or fun we did together. Or roast Dan and/or Kristin! Tell a favorite story 🙂

  • I need a Dance! Pick a Song from the playlist below (or play your own). Get someone to hold your phone or use your webcam. Show us your sick dance moves. The sillier the better! Feel free to dance with friends! -- You can go for 15 seconds or five minutes. Whatever you want to do!

  • Imagine we're running down the aisle. I'm trying my darndest not to drag Kristin off of her feet. Clap, cheer, yell "congrats". Be loud for up to 10 seconds!

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Dance Playlist (in case you need some musical inspiration.)