Why You Are Fooling Yourself If You Think a $50 WordPress Template Will Make Your Website Look Like a $5000 Site

Why You Are Fooling Yourself If You Think a $50 WordPress Template Will Make Your Website Look Like a $5000 Site

99% of web companies who do any work with WordPress use a very simple process for building websites for their customers.

  • They get a feel for websites that their customers like.
  • They find templates on sites such as Theme Forest or Rocket Themes that have a general feel the customer will like.
  • They download those templates and spend the next two months trying to wrestle them into some shape or form that makes their clients happy.

The obvious plus to all of this is that you can see basically what your website will look like when all is said and done before you start. Many people who make templates for living are master designers and put together some incredible looking low-cost templates. The problem is that many designers are not programmers and are not thinking about how to make a website that can grow with your company. Just because the design is beautiful in every way that they intended for it to be used doesn’t mean it won’t look like the ugly side of a box of crayons once you try to do something that is outside the original scope of the template.

The other problem is that professional templates often rely on your website having a great deal of rich content such as videos, pictures, audio files, and more. If you just want to feature some text on a few pages then that gorgeous theme that you just purchased is going to begin to look rather drab when it’s not adorned with a few thousand dollars of stock photos that the designer used to spice up their demo site.

Having been that company that buys the $50 template for their customers and then tries to pass it off as a $5000-$20,000 project we can tell you that you’re wasting your money and you will find yourself with a website that you can’t use when all is said and done.

The beautiful thing about WordPress is that nearly anyone with almost any level of technical ability can add content, change content, and remove content from their website with hardly any effort at all. In order for WordPress to be able to perform at its best the template that is being used needs to be smart enough to figure out how to format new content that is being uploaded to the site. If the template cannot handle that, then when you add new content to your site it’s gonna look like your first grader’s homework. Unfortunately, most prepackaged templates suffer from this lack of flexibility and web development companies will do a superb job of hiding the flaws of the template that you selected in order to get you to pay them for the project so they can move on to the next one.

In the end you will be stuck.

A New Way of Thinking

Here at Champions of the Web we have spent more than a decade coming up with a way to build sites quickly that accurately represent the brand of your company. By using a combination of custom developed code along with some of the most powerful template tools available to WordPress developers we are able to customize nearly every aspect of WordPress to create a solid brand experience across the board.


Websites are custom-designed and built from scratch using a unique template language that allows us to quickly modify first the base style and then individual pages to match the brand of our clients. The beautiful thing about this process is that the final website can look like almost anything and we have taken advantage of that to build some creative mobile friendly websites. By pushing the borders of what WordPress is capable of we are able to build a site that will grow with your company and allow you to continue using the same website for more than just a year. We want to stick with you for the long haul and make sure that your site is pixel perfect.

Make sure to stop by our portfolio to see some examples of this process in action.


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