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Management services starting as low as $300 / month.


Two Tiers Of Service


Start It Easy

$300 Month
  • Unlimited Small Website Jobs (30 Minutes or Less)
  • Website Hosting On Our Super Fast Private Servers
  • Website Updates To Protect Against Hackers
  • Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Backups
  • Hacker Protection Guarantee


Beef It Up

$500 Month
  • Unlimited Graphics Design
  • Unlimited Small Website Jobs (30 Minutes or Less)
  • Website Hosting On Our Super Fast Private Servers
  • Website Updates To Protect Against Hackers
  • Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Backups
  • Hacker Protection Guarantee

We're Like Having A Web Developer On Staff

Server Hits in 2017
We Blocked
Hacking Attempts in 2017
Backed Up
Gigabytes In Websites In 2017

Super Fast Private Servers

Wordpress Maintenace fast serversOur websites are all hosted on private servers reserved for only Champions Of The Web clients.

As a result client sites are optimized to load as fast as possible from the code to the hardware.

These servers allow us to maintain the entire hosting stack from top to bottom. No more "he said, she said" when it comes to resolving an issue with your site. We are able to help with every technical hurdle your site may throw your way.

We host our servers with highly reputable hosting companies like Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon, and more.

Regular Website Updates

Wordpress Maintenace regular updatesWe manage WordPress Updates. This protects your site against hackers.

We also will resolve any code or plugin conflicts as a result of a bad update.

We follow strict protocols to make sure that issues are rapidly resolved, should they arise from a bad update.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Backups

Wordpress Maintenace regular backupsOur Web Server is backed up in its entirety every night. 

All our Websites are backed up three times per week.

All our websites are also backed up once per month.

This gives us a lot of leeway in case the worst should happen. Rolling backups kept for a max of 60 days gives us the chance to push rewind in case something goes wrong and we need to back up.

Website Hacker Protection Guarantee

Wordpress Maintenace hacker protection guaranteeBetween our security updates and backups we feel confidence in offering a hacker protection guarantee. Your website will be safe from hackers or we will clean up any issues that should arise free of charge.

All of our client's sites are outfitted with security software that automatically bans visitors who are probing the site for vulnerabilities. Banned users, depending on the offense will no longer be able to access the website for anywhere between an hour and forever. This protects your site from malicious hacking attempts and gives us confidence to offer our hacker protection guarantee.

(Pro Feature) Unlimited Small Website Jobs (30 Minutes or Less)

Wordpress Maintenace super designer 5Most jobs on the web do not take long. Post an image, update a link, add a blog post, change some design.

We offer quick and easy webmaster-on-staff services that make it feel like you have us as an employee of your company. We perform any small website jobs free of charge. It is as simple as contacting us for any help that you require!

Pretty much the only three things that this service doesn't tend to cover are, adding major new features to your website (such as an online proposal signature system), custom development (anything involving adding new code to your website), and major site redesigns. Pretty much everything else is covered!

(Pro Feature) Unlimited Graphics Design

Wordpress Maintenace maintenance wordpress 1Our graphics team is at your disposal. Using us you can get any number of banners, trade show graphics, post thumbnails, business cards, and more. 

We work with Photoshop and Illustrator to create Bitmap and Vector graphics depending on your needs. 

We will also implement Stock Photos for projects.

All you have to do it ask!

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